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Click to enlargeFreePlay Xray Led Flashlight - Transparent Blue

Freeplay Xray LED flashlight

With Freeplay Xray LED flashlight, you can generate power any time, anywhere! Freeplay Xray LED Flashlight is a compact, dependable rugged flashlight, with wind up technology that is environmentally friendly and easy to use. The ultra bright white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), provides excellent brightness without having to replace batteries or bulbs. Perfect for everyday and emergency use.
The wind up system is specified to industrial standards for repeated use and a long life. It offers dependability when you cant afford to be left in the dark. A quick 30 second wind will give you approximately 20 minutes of ultra bright light and 20 hours of normal light.
The Freeplay Xray LED flashlight is the most dependable compact flashlight on the market. This Freeplay flashlight also gives you a choice of AC adapter recharge-ability or wind up.


  • 30 seconds winding produces 20 minutes of light
  • Fully charged battery produces 20 hours of light
  • AC/DC adapter included for exterior charging
  • Stylish translucent casing
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise winding

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