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Optodisc DVDR

25 Pack, OptoDisc DVD+R 8X Silver Top25 Pack, OptoDisc DVD+R 8X Silver Top

Optodisc Acro Circle DVD+R 8X Shiny Silver Top

Optodisc is becoming one of the leading manufacturer of storage media. It's Optodisc Acro Circle DVD-R 8X is made with high quality organic dye recording layer to produce reliable recording and playback function. Optodisc DVD Media is designed to maximize your DVD burning experience while maintaining the high standard set by DVD Forum.

Optodisc Acro Circle DVD+R 8x is supported by the DVD+R alliance. Optodisc DVD+R has a storage capacity of 4.7GB and is a write-once format. DVD+R is compatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players (please check your player if it supports DVD+R format). OptoDisc Media is ideal for combined storage of music, video and data, transfer of video and large capacity data files, internet downloads and massive archival storage.

Manufacture: OptoDisc
Media Type: DVD+R
Storage: 4.7GB
Recording Speed: 1-8x
Top Surface: Shiny Silver
Storage: 25 Pack, in cakebox


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